Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Crowley, Phil Hine, Peter Carroll...

Interested? Then check out the new episode of the Gspot.

The last 5+ episodes have all been of the highest quality (not including mine, even!). Here's the blurb:

Joseph Matheny talks to Nick Thacher and Linda Miller about Falcon Press and why there appears to be two Falcon’s selling virtually the same catalogs since the death of Dr. Hyatt.
Also in this episode:
A new In Your Ear with Psuke, and a special bonus track at the end: James Curcio presents the first installment of the Join My Cult audiobook, and releases Join My Cult as a Creative Commons PDF that you may download at Original Falcon. Also, as a side note, we were contacted after this show was recorded by an organization calling itself the New EII. Keep an eye open for an interview with them in the future.

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