Ahhh, Emerald City, that has such people in it...

I thought I'd share with you all, the types of things that happen in the modern-day Emerald City -- the city I grew up in, and am currently living in.

The week ends with a once-in-a-lifetime-if-there's-any-mercy-in-the-world sighting reported by Hot Tipper Cate: "Last night, amid the typical Sunday-evening Belltown douchebaggery, I observed a highly intoxicated middle-aged gentleman, presumably on heroin, loitering near Second and Bell, where he pulled down his pants not to poop, but to give himself some ass play while simultaneously smoking a cigarette and jerking off. When he was finished, he wiped his filthy hands across his face, collapsed in an exhausted heap on the ground, and waited, patiently or perhaps unconsciously, for the paramedics to show up. I love working in Belltown."

I just may have to draw a comic about this.

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