on augmented reality...

I've been thinking about these exact sort of things for more than a year, now.

I envision flashmob party spaces, where each person agrees to help set up objects, lights, lasers, particles, etc. like in Second Life, but out in the physical world. All of which you could only see through special glasses.

I've also thought about what I think would be the next major step in videogaming: using physical locations as in-world levels/stages. Imagine playing Super Smash Bros. in your neighbor's lawn, with holographic characters jumping over your fence and punching each other through windows. Jumping off of houses and walking on telephone wires.

Kind of like this (start at the middle of the video):

I, too, also highly recommend Dennō Coil. All the episodes appear to be watchable in streaming video here. It's good stuff about the futures.

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